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SCYLLA is our most versatile tyre for a broad range of MTB ride. The new tread profile is designed to offer advanced XC performance but also more aggressive trail capabilities. The fast tread pattern in combination with optimal side knobs positioning for plenty of cornering grip makes SCYLLA the best choice for you. It is also the choice of most of our riders on the elite world circuit, thanks to low rolling resistance and impressive traction, for both great acceleration and braking in any track conditions. 

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Technical details

For all XC riders who love high-speed riding in nature.

Textra fabric protects the entire sidewall and bead area and dramatically increases resistance against sidewall cuts and abrasions. Tyres with this type of protection are primarily intended for riding and racing over rough terrain where they provide both superior reliability and ultra-high performance.

  • TEXTRA reinforcement layer
    TEXTRA reinforcement layer Rubberized high-density fabric.
  • 127 TPI Casing
  • Aramid Beads
  • Medium-high side knobs
    Featring a center groove for increased deformation and better progressivity
  • 1-2-2
    Compact and low-high center line for better rolling resistance 
  • Self-cleaning lips. 
  • Linear and Perpendicular
    Intermediate knobs to improve traction and braking.

Size chart

ETRTOAlternative sizeConstructionLoad (kg)Weight (g)ColourCode
66-62229 x 2,60127 TPI, Textra Wings, Tubeless Ready1361160Black5-10967396
62-62229 x 2,45127 TPI, Textra Wings, Tubeless Ready1401080Black5-10967397
62-62229 x 2,45127 TPI, Textra, Tubeless Ready140780Tanwall5-10967437
57-62229 x 2,25127 TPI, Textra, Tubeless Ready144740Black5-10967359
57-62229 x 2,25127 TPI, Textra, Tubeless Ready144740Tanwall5-10967436
66-58427,5 x 2,60127 TPI, Textra Wings, Tubeless Ready1401130Black5-10967398
62-58427,5 x 2,45127 TPI, Textra Wings, Tubeless Ready1401050Black5-10967412
57-58427,5 x 2,25127 TPI, Textra, Tubeless Ready136620Black5-10952738
57-55926 x 2,25127 TPI, Textra, Tubeless Ready131550Black5-10952363