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    The tradition of Rubena's rubber industry dates back to the year 1908. The first Czechoslovak bicycle tyre was manufactured in Náchod in 1929. Thanks to the huge range of products, fans of all performance categories and disciplines can find what they're looking for. The Rubena brand has a solution for every cyclist.

    All tyres and tubes are manufactured to the highest quality standards exclusively at the factory in the Czech Republic.

    Historically, our products have appeared on wheels under the Kudrnáč, Barum, Rubena and Mitas brands.
    The Rubena product range includes bicycle tyres for MTB, Road, Gravel, City and Trekking, including tyres for E-bikes.

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    Rubena, s.r.o. 
    Ceskych bratri 338
    547 01 Nachod
    Czech Republic

    Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products.

     +420 491 447 585 - Orders & payments
    Tel.: +420 491 447 540 - Shopping advice