TEODOR KOVÁČ: I ride Scylla and I'm very excited about it

TEODOR KOVÁČ: I ride Scylla and I'm very excited about it

He entered the world of biking at the age of eleven and today he belongs to the top of the Czech MTB freestyle and freeride scene. Teodor Kováč holds the title of Czech MTB dirtjumper champion for 2016 and came second (2022) and fourth (2023) in the Speed & Style discipline at the Austrian Crankworx festival. In addition to racing, Teo also started recording a cycling podcast last year called Peloton

Can you tell us about your beginnings on the bike and who was your role model?

I started cycling when I was 11 years old, when the Polis 13 fourcross track in Prague was built and the big SEAT 4X Masters fourcross race was held there. Then I started riding and learning to jump on the track. The role models at that time were definitely Michal Prokop, Brian Lopes, Kamil Tatarkovic or Michal Maros, just the final line-up of the race back then.

How would you evaluate the past season?

The 2023 season again surpassed the last season, especially in how many bike events were held, how many races I did and also how much photo and video material I shot. But at the same time it was a completely new season for me, mainly because after ten years I changed the team, the main partner, and therefore all the equipment. There were a lot of details of the cooperation to be fine-tuned, a lot of products to be tested, but I enjoyed cycling all the more.

Are you a "stresser" or a " chill guy"? How do you deal with pressure during races?

I guess I'm calmer, but even I have my limits. When I'm scared or stressed before a race, I try to tell myself that I'm looking forward to the ride and that I want to show tricks. It definitely doesn't work on me, it's more like "don't mess it up".

Which of our tyres have you tried and which is your favourite?

On a dirt bike, which is my primary bike, I ride a Scylla 26 and I'm thrilled with it. I rode it before I started working with Rubena and it's one of the best tyres on the market for dirt. Then I have the Monarch for endurance and the X-Road for gravel.

Can you tell us something about your training routines and preparation for races?

Sure, training is primarily cycling and the gym. In riding, you want to spend as much time as possible doing tricks and trying new things in as safe conditions as possible. We use different airbags, impact with mulch or sand. In the gym, on the other hand, I focus primarily on strength, explosiveness and stretching.

What is the biggest motivation for you and what are your plans?

My biggest motivation is my desire to be the best. My goal is to push my riding to the next level.

How do you see the future of cycling and what changes or trends do you expect?

Cycling seems huge to me overall, and even mountain/enduro/freeride seems to have grown incredibly in recent years. In mountain biking, trail riding strikes me as a discipline that even more people will do in the future, with smaller groups of people doing dirt-jump, freeride and other disciplines alongside.

Do you organize any workshops for children?

I don't organize, I already seem to have my activities pretty wide ranging and I haven't had a chance to include training yet. I'm not completely ruling it out, but it's not a priority at the moment.

What would you say to those who want to break into the MTB world?

You gotta be cool.

And finally, tell us where we can see you this year.

I'll start at Dusty Days in Kálnica bike park on 18-21 April, then the weekend after that on 27 and 28 April in Prague at Prague Bike Fest, shortly after that the 4th series of the show Po trailech přes hory, where I ride. It will go on TV on ČT Sport. Followed by Crankworx Innsbruck and so on and so forth.

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