Prima Cup Gočárovy schody: The achievements of our tyres

Prima Cup Gočárovy schody: The achievements of our tyres

On St. Wenceslas Day, the Prima Cup Gočárovy schody series took place in Hradec Králové and we were also part of this unique event.

At the Rubena stand, visitors could see our MTB and Road & Gravel tyres, including the Monarch trails tyre. In a pleasant atmosphere we welcomed not only excellent riders, but also our Rubena colleagues who came to enjoy this unique event and support our riders.

The TOTR Cycling Team, Superior Team and Ghost Team took on the challenges of the Prima Cup with determination and enthusiasm.

Filip Adel from Superior Team fought on Zefyros tyres and took a beautiful second place in the Elite category. However, the whole race was very exciting until the last round as he and Mark Rauchfuss were breathing down each other's necks the whole time.

In the women's Elite category Kateřina Krutílková shone with Scylla tyres and took home the bronze medal.

Also in the children's category appeared our Scylla, which provided our little fighters not only a safe ride, but also beautiful positions. Bronze medals went to Ema Třešňáková in the category of girls up to 4 years and Viktoria Třešňáková in the category of 5-6 years. One step higher was Bella Juránková in the 7-8 years category and she went home with a silver medal around her neck and the gold medal was won by Valerie Novotná.

Sunny Thursday brought us not only great results, but also a lot of joy and excitement. Congratulations to everyone for the great results and we are looking forward to the final race in Mikulov on Saturday 7 of October. 

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